Town of Saltillo

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Visit Saltillo, an early river town with homes dating from the 1840s. Styles of architecture range from Greek Revival and Italianate influences to country farmhouses. Two cemeteries and a church pre-date the Civil War.

Saltillo Points of Interest

Wylie Davis House - Riverview Circle. Mr. Davis purchased this property in 1919. The large magnolia tree in front yard was planted during the Civil War. The original house pre-dates this era.

Masonic Lodge - Located on the west corner of Riverview Circle and Main Street, the Masonic Lodge is the former Presbyterian Church and is over 100 years old.

Kent-Ivey Home - Located on the north side of Main Street between Riverview Circle Decatur Road, this home with Greek Revival detailing was built by Meady White prior to his 1847 residence.

Main Street Store Buildings - The north side of Main Street was built in 1919.

Meady White House - Circa 1847, this house with Greek Revival and Italianate influences features a two story portico with four square columns, an inner porch on the upper level, pilasters, corner and paired brackets, external brick chimneys, and sidelights and transoms. The interior features include painted wood graining on doors, door and window facings, mantels, 1847 wallpaper imported from Italy, and mantels with simple shelves and pilasters. The ceilings of two rooms and stairs feature paintings by Irish artist John Joseph Christie. The house was built by Meady White (1819-1889) with slave labor. White was a wealthy man with extensive landholdings. Instrumental in the settlement of Saltillo, his many enterprises included farming, a slave business, hardware store and a horseracing track in nearby Decatur County. He was elected constable of Saltillo in 1852, resigning in 1857 to accept the position of Justice of the Peace and raise racehorses. The Meady White House was considered as a filming location for the post-Civil War Warner Brothers movie Sommersby which opened in theaters February 1993 starring Richard Gere and Jodie Foster. The Meady White House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Parker House - Built in 1906 by Dr. Luther Parker (1876-1936), a Saltillo country physician, the house remains in the Parker family.

T.J. White Home - The White Home was built in 1921 and located across from the Parker House. T.J. White raised World Champion Tennessee Walking Horses and served in the state legislature. The southern hospitality of Saltillo was extended to Governor Henry Horton of Tennessee and his wife when they spent the night in the White Home in the 1930s. The home remains in the White family today.

Pitts House - Located on the south side of Main Street, the Pitts House is the third house from the river. Two of the original front rooms were built in the mid 1800s and remodeled in 1919.

White Lawn Cemetery - The cemetery was established by Meady White after the death of his first wife in 1846. White had three wives and thirteen children. His second wife and five children who died at an early age are buried with Meady White at the back of the cemetery. His remaining children and their spouses are also buried there.

Shady Grove Church and Cemetery - This church is featured in Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander’s book The Tennesseans, along with the Saltillo Ferry which closed in 2003. The church is over 100 years old and many early settlers of Saltillo are buried in the cemetery.

Sulphur Well - Located one-fourth mile into the White Oak Wildlife Management Area, this sulphur well was unearthed by men digging for salt in 1819 and was the scene of many family gatherings, picnics and dances years ago.

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